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I’ve been writing online for 13 years. It started with Tumblr, then moved onto Wordpress, then Medium, and now find Substack as my home. The one consistency about me is that I’ve always been a writer. In my professional life, I’ve been a musician, a founder, a startup scout, a podcast host, etc., but the only consistent force that whole time has been my love for writing. I write on what interests me, and nothing else. Lucky for you, a lot interests me. My interests are informed by my experiences.

Brief Background On Me

From 2007 - 2014, I tried to make it as a singer/songwriter, mainly built on Youtube. I have hundreds of videos, many of which are now unlisted. In 2015, I decided to try a different type of entrepreneurship and discovered the world of Silicon Valley. In 2017, I started my first real startup, called PubLoft, that got up to $24k/mo in revenue and eventually got backed by Jason Calacanis.

After that company crashed and burned, I started a podcast called Forward Thinking Founders, where I interviewed founders before they got big. I’ve since published 901 interviews. While running my podcast, I founded Seedscout, as a way for outsiders to break into established networks. Throughout this whole period, I have learned a lot and questioned even more. This newsletter is my outlet for those thoughts.

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Founder of Seedscout.com. Podcaster host at Forward Thinking Founders. Writer of Words.